With a symbolic mobilization in which children living in areas affected by the conflict share their vision and dreams of “forgiveness” Mi Sangre Foundation Joins International Day of Peace.

This Saturday September 21 , airplanes and paper boats created by more than 8000 children will flood 23 towns in Colombia and travel to the heart of citizens , carrying the vision of dreams forgiveness of small manufacturers .

By the hand of My Blood Foundation , the symbolic ” fleets of forgiveness ” will make its arrival in Medellin , San Carlos , Yarumal , Valdivia , Cali , Carmen de Bolivar , Rincón del Mar , Villavicencio , and Cartagena. Every dream embodied in a boat or a plane will be digitized and sent , as a carrier of messages of reconciliation , to the people who in one way or another have been part of the conflict in Colombia . A conflict that the country about the future of their children is challenged to overcome. The result will be 9 in these municipalities art installations and hundreds of messages traveling also to the media through the social networks of the Foundation. In each place DREAMS OF FORGIVENESS exchange with passersby and will be reminded that peace is everyone’s business .

My Blood Foundation believes that reconciliation is a process in which all Colombians should play a vital role. Many people who for one reason or another resorted to violence or were affected by it , have proven many times important examples of repentance and forgiveness. It ‘s time for all social and institutional actors understand that we need to follow his example and build peace through reconciliation.

As we have done for the last six years , we continue to work to heal the wounds of the soul that leave different acts of violence , and create environments of care and protection to currently more than 67,000 children and young people in the country to exercise his powers as peacemakers.

Vincúlate # PazViajealPerdón

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