From June 13th to July 1st 2016 the 32nd regular session of the Human Rights Council will be held in Geneva.

A well-known group of artist and celebrities lead by Foundation Peace without Borders will be demading to Member States of the Council to adopt a Declaration on the Right to Peace at the end of the session. This new declarative instrument should reinforce the three UN pillars, namely, Peace and Security, Human Rights and Development.

They believe that the international community should exert their utmost efforts to reach a consensual solution for the title and article one of the Declaration. These are the only critical elements which impedes to adopt a Declaration on the Right to Peace. Negotiation process should be based on dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding.

Be aware that millions of people all over the world will be following and watching in live this challenging process, which should end with the adoption of a Declaration on the Right to Peace.

 Letter demanding a Declaration on the Right to Peace 

Dear friends,

Let me ask you … Do you think that we have a right to live in a world of peace? Do you believe that living now in a safe place will ensure in future that this place will be without risk or conflict? Do you care that people who are today victims of injustice tomorrow they may become the executors of other injustices? Should the global civilian population, especially children, have to suffer the effects of wars which are decided among a few?

I know that we think the same and for this reason I am asking for your help.

We want that peace becomes a universal human right. No, it is not. I know that all you thought it was.

The United Nations (UN) were established 70 years ago with the purpose, among others, to prevent the suffering generated by wars and to promote world peace. However, States use this notion just as a bargaining chip, that’s all. Enough is enough!

The United Nations are based on three pillars, namely, Peace and Security, Human Rights and Development and the only one which does not enjoy the status of human right is precisely Peace.

But we have made some progress… There is a text which recognizes this right. It is a rather poor text that no citizen would write. But it is a starting point, which was the result of negotiation and bargaining, that proclaims the right to peace without much conviction and looking the other way, that took 70 years to draft. It has taken us all 70 years and there is still no agreement. There are states which argue that the concept of “right to peace” does not exist in international law. But its limitations, its anachronism and its mediocrity, are precisely there, in their books. Denying individuals, peoples and the world the right to peace is to deny them their future and even their existence. This cannot be learned, it must be felt, inferred. What does not exist is “International Law”. Don’t let them deceive us.

Although one cannot point a finger to someone in particular, all those involved in the process are directly responsible for not finalizing a document that guarantees that peace is a right that we are entitled to.

Soon the Human Rights Council of the United Nations will fix a date to solve this issue, otherwise, the opportunity will be lost forever. And we will not allow this to happen.

If this UN summit fails to proclaim the Right to Peace I ask you to do everything in our civilian hands to denounce those responsible and all those involved due to their incompetence, be they states or individuals.

We are not asking for a favor. We demand that they do. The right to peace belongs to us by its very nature, not for political reasons.

In Geneva, diplomacy has the duty to work from the perspective of transparency, inclusiveness and consensus. The paths towards the progressive development of peace are manifold, but all of them lead to an end: humankind must become a collective, free, fraternal and solidarious entity that understands that all people are equal, always.

Let us not allow a few people decide the future of billions. Our peace cannot be tampered with. It must be granted to us. It must be returned to us. It must be given to us. Let me know if we can count you in.

Foundation Peace without Borders

13 June 2016