Art may describe forms of expression that carry an aesthetic and/or symbolic dimension, using different media in the context of the human creativity. It should emphasize the role of art as an important vehicle for each person, individually and in community with others, and groups of people to express their views, being the artistic creativity an important element for the development of vibrant cultures, which contributes to the functioning of societies.

It is recognized that arts education can instil respect for and appreciation and understanding of creative and artistic expression, and can awaken the ability to be artistically creative.

On this basis, on 23 March 2017 the Human Rights Council of the United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution on “Promotion of the enjoyment of the cultural rights of everyone and respect for cultural diversity” by which recognizes that respect for the cultural diversity and cultural rights of all enhances cultural pluralism, contributes to a wider exchange of knowledge and understanding of cultural heritage and background, advances the application and enjoyment of human rights throughout the world and fosters stable, friendly relations among peoples and nations.

Additionally, the United Nations recognizes in this resolution that respect for cultural rights is essential for development, peace and the eradication of poverty, building social cohesion and the promotion of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding between individuals and groups, in all their diversity.

Paz sin Fronteras is a cultural movement that cultural diversity and the pursuit of cultural development by all peoples and nations are a source of mutual enrichment for the cultural life of humankind and world peace.