The Hague is celebrating the first anniversary of the Peace Palace. For this reason, Peace One Day was invited to perform the annual Peace Day concert in the Palace to be held next 21 September.

Miguel Bosé, singer and co-founder of the Foundation Peace without Borders , is one of the artists who will participate at this important event. “As a man of peace I believe that it is a duty in my life becomes part of Peace One Day and that therefore, it should also be for everyone” (Miguel Bosé).

This day is the perfect time to sign the petition seeking the proclamation of Peace as a Human Right. Signature in machine à sous en ligne

With 24 hours of world broadcast, the film Peace One Day Journey will interview well known actors and host a concert in the Peace Day in Medellin (Colombia). The world is ready for its annual day of cessation of violence. “We have to stop. We must do something to unite all of us apart from politics and religion “Jeremy Gilley.